Post your shitty art

For so long I had trouble exposing myself on social media, sharing my work with other people or sometimes even talking about my achievements or my projects. At the beginning of this year I realised I need to change my attitude and start putting myself “ out there ” more. I started my instagram account, “dailycreativve”, as a means to get out of my comfort zone, share my work and find more people interested in the same things as me. If you, too, struggle with making yourself discoverable, or have trouble getting noticed, keep reading

You don’t have to be a genius. You don’t have to be the best there is in your field in order to make yourself discoverable, you don’t need to be an expert to post on social media, you can just be you, the flawed, beginner you.

I used to have this mentality that it’s not the time to share my work now because I’m not ready, because my designs aren’t that good, because there are so many people doing a much better job than I do anyways. The tricky thing about this is that you’ll never be ready enough, good enough, pleased enough, so why waste your time postponing? Be proud of how imperfect your art is, be an amateur and own it. Have the conscience that you can only grow from the point you’re in. Post your shitty designs and don’t be afraid that nobody wants to see it, I do.

“ The stupidest possible creative act is still a creative act”

One day, while still in high school, our literature professor called in sick so the class had to be taught by a total stranger, a substitute to the teacher. It was the last class of the day, everybody was tired and longing to get out of that place so you can imagine how happy we were to find out that we had to stay there even though our own teacher couldn’t come. However, the substitute, a short, old man with black thick eyebrows and white beard, managed to capture our attention and make that day memorable. He talked the entire hour about life, time, love, art and so many other things, and somehow turned an otherwise boring class into a worthwhile activity. I went home thinking how incredible it was to change the perspective of 28 students in just one hour, and how amazing his speech and his vision of the world was. One year later, the same old man comes as a substitute to another class and I’m thinking I can’t wait to hear what he has to say next. He repeats the exact same speech from our last encounter. Word by word. He was a smart man, nothing to say there, but he stopped. He stopped growing, trying, finding new ways, words, expressions.

Don’t do that. Don’t stop. Own being a beginner and don’t stop trying and growing. It is better to put out there as a beginner because that way you have all the space to develop and become a better version of yourself. Don’t wait until you’re an expert because you’ll believe that you’ll have nothing to learn any more. Love your flawed designs. Share them with the world and maybe others will love them too.

So here I am posting my shitty art :)



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